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CyberPunkers Our goal is to recover all scammed bitcoin, lost bitcoin, dormant bitcoin addresses, amongst a wide range of other services. Award Winning

Cryptocurrency Recovery

Cryptocurrency recovery is possible with us because we possess sophisticated tools that are operated by the best cryptocurrency recovery experts in the field of Cryptocurrency Assets Recoveries.


Secured Cyber Tools

We use state of the art Cyber Tools, Software Solutions, closed databases, Open Intelligence (OSINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT), and Financial Intelligence (FININT).


Industry Certified

Our Cryptocurrency recovery experts comprise of professional license blockchain developers who are very much knowledgeable in the crypto space and are able to perform other crypto recovery services.

We’re a financial pioneer that leads the way to easy recovery solutions and safer market access. While successfully regaining your money is a part of the process, we also create awareness on popular scams that go around.

We Offer Professional Crypto Security Solutions

Cyber Intelligence

Our team used a variety of methods, including Open Source Intelligence in order to provide the raw data needed for our team to find actionable intelligence.

Asset Tracing

The first step to recovery is locating recoverable assets. Our experienced team will be able to walk you through the process.

Due Diligence

Due-diligence and Background Reports for Individual and Corporate Entities. We offer comprehensive appraisals of assets, risk, historic data and liabilities.

Get Easy and Fast Protection Against All

Reduce attacker time with early detection and derailment of in-network threats. Built to cover all attack surfaces and methods of threats, Corzo hides critical data, misdirects attackers away from assets.

Big Name Customers

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Premium services and beyond your expectation

We are a hacking service provider in China and Korea and offer unaffected trustworthy Hire a Hacker Services worldwide. Here you can find the wide range of Hack Services Available. 24*7 online customer support. Hacker for Hire 24/7 anytime.

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What They Say About US

  • CyberPunk Programmers is a great company, they were able to unlock two old accounts. They were very helpful and extremely patient with me. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs to access their accounts.

    John Smith
  • These guys are the real deal, they found my litecoin, even though it's a relatively obscure coin, they perservered and I got my money back (and then some, as an early adopter). If you are having trouble i would recommend this company 100%

    Chloe Lopez
  • CyberPunk Programmers thank you so much, I really appreciate you guys. At first I had my doubts about your service but you proved me wrong. You delivered and deducted exactly your 20% service charge not more not less. They are tested and trusted I can guarantee that anytime any day.

    Aubrey Thomas
  • I would recommend Cyberpunk Programmers to everyone. They helped me recovered my Blockchain wallet password which I created back in 2013. They are professionals and help people get back their money. If you lost your password then don't worry these guys can help me get your lost bitcoins back. Thank you very much.

    Mason Miller
  • I had lost all hope for my password being recovered and to be honest, never had much confidence in finding anyone legit to recover it. Chris recovering my password after a good few months was too good to be true. He was patient and understanding, and obviously very good at what he does. But above all, didn't steal my crypto.

    Violet Lee
Even more secured

Bitcoin Scam Recovery

We have a team of legal cryptocurrency investigators, the team is excellent at conducting extensive investigations. Our advanced software classifies links between cryptocurrency addresses and entities. It assists in finding similar criminals on the darknet, fiat on and off-ramps, and mixers.

Funds Recoveries

We’ve got on board an energetic, dedicated, and skilled team that can recover your money, despite the complexities of a situation.

Debit Settlement

We facilitate settlement of the debts that have been overburdening you over the years. No more going back and forth with your debtor.

Let’s discuss about how we can help make your business more secured