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Do hackers really do the job?
Will my identity be disclosed to my target?
How much do my project cost and how do i pay?
What guarantee do i have that i will not be played?
Do i have to pay the hacker directly?
How do i avoid been played?
Can i pay with my card?
How long will my project take?
Every hacker is evaluated based on their work, behavior, privacy compliance, and feedback. According to data from the last four years, 99.2% of jobs are completed successfully on schedule and are accepted by companies.

It is a mandatory prerequisite of any job you contract us to do that the target (victim) is unaware of. If the target is made aware of the hack, the hack is invalid, and you will be reimbursed. Be rest assured that no traces will be left and you are in a safe place.

After you post your project, You will receive a mail from our team, and from there every detail will be discussed including prices. We love and accept Bitcoins like we have always done from the Dark Web.
The bitcoin wallet address you will receive to make payments is an escrow wallet. Payments will only be released to the hacker working on your project after the work is done completely and confirmed by you.
No! After negotiations with our support, You will receive an escrow bitcoin wallet address where you will make the bitcoin payments. After the job is complete, You will confirm then we can release payment to the hacker.
Follow payment instructions carefully.
NO! We do not accept credit card payments. All the same, We will direct you on how to purchase bitcoins with your card from the comfort of your couch to ease everything for you.
We approach every project in a unique way so after evaluating the project, We will give you an estimate of how long it will take .

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